At Parkville, the scope and scale of our business enables you to take your career in an amazing array of directions, limited only by your initiative talent and goals.

Parkville Academy

The right information

in the right hands

Power By Curiosity

Our growth starts with your learning. We have established Parkville Academy that aims at maturing people's minds for the benefit of all.

The Knowledge Effect

The right information in the right hands leads to amazing things.

Opportunities for growth are available and encouraged at all levels -- from recent graduates to senior executives. Some training programs are available across the company, whereas others are tailored to businesses, functions, teams and individuals. Just a few of our learning resources include:

• Leadership and management development programs

• Technical skills training

• Over 20 courses available on our learning system

• Lingual Workshop

What Our People Say

• With the expertise I have gained, I know anything can be accomplished if I take the initiative.

M. Ghandour, TIM

• I'm motivated to excel and driven to deliver the best. Parkville has delivered many opportunities to display my talents and skills.

Abdel Aziz, SR

• I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how things work and then trying to make them better.

Ra'id Ahmad, TM

• If you like a challenge and a fast-paced environment, this is the place to be.

Khalid Kamal, MR

• I find the flexible culture here pushes me to do my best at all times, for both my own personal satisfaction and for the benefit of others.

Tamir Hussein, MM

• The people I work with at Parkville are just like family to me.

Yasmin Alaa, KAM

• You are given an opportunity to learn how to collaborate and interact with different colleagues across the country.

A. Abu Zeid, MR

• There is a huge focus on talent development and engagement. This keeps us motivated and challenged at all times.

M. Shatta, KAM

• My group really cares about working efficiently. We are encouraged to adjust and look for the most suitable methods of doing things.

Sherif Bassiouni, SD

• It's a great workplace -- many functions, cultures and highly skilled people to learn from.

A. Nabil, SMR

• You are not just another payroll number if you are determined to stand out and make a difference.

A. Fat-hy, WO

• Parkville emphasizes developing and growing your capabilities and talent.

Mina Asaad, MR

• I am proud to be working with colleagues who have unmatched experience and integrity.

Eman Ali, Office Admin

• My group really cares about working efficiency. We are encouraged to adjust and look for the most suitable methods of doing things.

M. Sa'id, DM

• No one covers the work events with the same intelligence and heart that we do at Parkville. It's exciting to be part of that team.

M. Farrag, SD