Parkville TRIO UE

Parkville Pharmaceuticals has successfully launched the domestically-developed TRIO (Upper Egypt Phase - Hurghada) where Derma professionals huddled away of life-noise for a triple entertainment, scientific testimonials and products awareness. This phase was held in Desert Rose-Hurghada form 21 – 24 July, 2016.


Employee of April, 2019

Yassmin Hazem Serag El-Dein is nominated to be the employee of April as she renovated the cosmetics registration system by taking total responsibility and handling for 22 products; including variation of Artworks, packs , compositions, manufacturing facility and License Holder for many products beside under processing another variation actions.


Employee of the YEAR (2017)

Shaimaa Fahmy is tipped for the best employee of 2017, as she had succeeded to establish great image, word of mouth and big market share in Dermatology field, being from the leaders in the Egyptian Market, and successfully transfering the market from international product advocate to proudly encourage the Egyptian Product.