Featured Products that Parkville injects into the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Market in an attempt to cover different aspects of the needs, in addition to many under registration highly-demanded products that serve the community we are living in.

Fulfill all the patient’s needs


BOBAI Sunscreen Range Provides Skin High Protection From UVA And UVB Sun Rays Harmful Effects, Wide Range of Products Are Available To Match Each Skin Type.


Sulfax Family Is A Variety Of Products For Treatment Of Bone, Joints & Muscle Pain To Add Free Move To Your Life And Help You To Perform Your Major Daily Activities.

Global quality assurance

We’re known as a provider of unique solutions. With that recognition comes responsibility. At Parkville, we are proud to support individual efforts as well as group initiatives to mobilize positive outcomes for our community and our future.


A complete Hair solution for all Hair problems including Hair Fall, Dry Hair and Damaged Hair and for all Hair Types.