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Seropipe Hair Serum


Dry Damaged Hair Treatment.

Hair Serum Rich With Multiple Natural Herbs, Vitamins And Amino Acids With Light Texture To Protects Hair From Damage And Provides Smooth Hair With a Shiny Look.

Seropipe Hair Spray


Anti-hair Loss Spray.

Hair Growth Accelerator Rich With Multiple Natural Japanese Herbs (Kamigen K & Kamigen E) And Vitamins To Accelerate Hair Growth, Decrease Hair Loss By Activating Blood Circulation, Enhancing Hair Roots Cell Functions, And Maintain Healthy Scalp.

Seropipe Shampoo


Medical Intense Nutrition Shampoo.

Intense Nutrition Shampoo With A Creamy Texture And Delicate Fragrance Rich With Multiple Natural Herbs (Kamigen K & Kamigen E) And Vitamins To Reduce The Rate Of Hair Loss, Also Reinforces And Nourishes The Hair, Safe For Treated Hair.